Yessiree folks!!! This month Tula Organic Salon and Spa turns 2 years old!! Don’t we look great for our age? Don’t answer that

We are beyond happy to be celebrating our 2nd year in business.  We could not have done it without you, our wonderful clients - so Merci Beaucoup!!!!

RE-TREAT YO’ SELF Can I get a ‘what-what!’ from Parks and Rec fans?

With the rebirth of Spring comes an opportunity for the rebirth of your skin.  After you sugar away all that facial and body hair that kept you warm during the Polar Vortex, restore your skin with our Manuka Honey masque which removes impurities and makes you glow with gratitude that Spring is here! Manuka Honey is a natural antimicrobial and humectant. As it fights the bacteria that causes blemishes, it soothes and moisturizes your skin! Add it on to any facial service at Tula for $10. 

Spring Trends

Since we have the pleasure of catering to some of the most creative forces in the ‘Burgh, we want to keep you abreast of the current trends in hair and green beauty.

This season, we are seeing more deep side parts for both  women AND men.   This is a great option for those of you growing out bangs, as well as a great way to look current and polished!

Classic BRAIDS are all over the runway- from long side braids to crowns- the looks evoke the essence of couture hippies and summers spent frolicking in a field of strawberries amIright? Well-either way, check out our Casual Updos under our blow dry bar section and get yourself some braids!

Balayage is blowing up this spring.  We knew everyone would catch on eventually. This season, try your balayage with a little more depth at the root for a lived-in,—“yeah, I spend my winters in St. Tropez  - what’s it to ya?” — kind of look.

An on-going trend in fashion is the fabulous and FULL EYEBROW.  Get this look by sugaring your strays to create a clean shape and then tint the remaining brow to increase the look of fullness.  Tinting is not just for the fair-haired anymore! Using a vegetable based dye we can enhance any brow color creating a clean, green bountiful brow. Brooke Shields will have nothin’ on you after a trip to Tula!

GREEN is the New Black

As all green fashionistas know April is earth month, which means it’s time to conserve our resources.   One of the most precious resources we have is water.  Can you imagine what life would be like if water didn’t exist?! I’m no scientist - but wouldn’t we get really thirsty?  Here’s a funny video from the folks at National Geographic to hammer that point home.  

In honor of Earth Month we want to conserve as much water as possible…how, you ask?  By ONLY using cold water.  In additional to cold water laundry loads, we would like to engage you, our clients, in participating in cold water shampoos!  Not only can we save GALLONS of water together—but the health and beauty benefits are excellent!  Cold water will calm a dry scalp and seal your hair cuticle making your hair shinier and happier! Trust me-hair can get sad, too! Don’t worry—we will give you an extra restorative scalp massage to make up for your good deed.  

Aveda Pure Privilege

Already a member? High five!  Now you can earn points at Tula every time you purchase a product.  Not yet a member?  Join the next time you come in - it’s a one-time fee of $10 for the potential to earn oodles of Aveda goodies.  No idea what the heck I’m talking about?  Click here! 

This month, Pure Privilege members can earn bonus points on all Stress-fix products (which are in stock at Tula!!!) and DOUBLE POINTS on the Invati Scalp Revitalizer (woo-hoo!).  Come in! Buy stuff.  Earn points!  

From all of us at Tula Organic, THANK YOU for 2 fabulous years-with many more to come!


Emily and the Tula Team

Sugar Vs. Wax

We offer sugaring services at Tula Organic Salon and Spa, and I’ve been kept busy explaining the differences between waxing and sugaring to guests. Here is a comprehensive reflection on the SUGAR V. WAX debate: 

  • Our sugar solution is made of three, all-natural ingredients: sugar, lemon and water. 

Wax contains resins, fragrances, chemicals, preservatives and dyes, all of which could irritate the skin. 

  • Sugar is lukewarm, and doesn’t burn the skin.

Wax must be hot in order to be effective. The high temperature can cause burns. 

  • Sugar only removes hair and not skin. 

Wax may take live cells with the hair during the removal process. Skin may be stripped off if it is too sensitive. 

  • Sugar is a natural antibiotic and is hypoallergenic. 

Wax isn’t. It is easy for bacteria to survive in an artificial wax mix.  

  • Sugar removes hair that is 1/8th of an inch long. 

Hair must be at least 1/4 of an inch for wax to remove it. 

  • Regrowth from sugar hair removal is virtually itchless. 
Wax can cause itching post-service. 
  • Because sugar is literally being worked into the skin, it penetrates to remove the hair at the follicular level, causing a reduction of ingrown hairs and and a reduction of new growth.

Wax, though it sometimes pulls the hair out at the follicle, can also break off at the surface of the skin, simply because it is being taken off in the opposite direction of the hair growth, causing more potential for breakage.

Come into Tula and experience sugaring for yourself! You will see and feel the difference. 

Grand Opening and Lora Finelli’s Apples

June is an exciting and action-packed month for us at Tula. In conjunction with our Grand Opening Party, we are hosting our first Art Exhibit, with guest artist Lora Finelli.  After 2 months of being “softly” open, we are finally ready to announce to the world that we are here and ready to beautify!  

On Saturday, June 16th from 5pm-10pm, we are opening our doors and arms to welcome everyone in to see what we’ve been working so hard to accomplish over these last 10 months. 

In conjunction with our opening party, we are showcasing the beautiful artwork of our amazing client, yogi and artist, Lora Finelli.  

From her Artist’s Statement:

    “Lora Finelli was born in Girard, Ohio in 1977.  She entered Kent State University in the Shannon Rogers and Jerry Silverman School of Fashion Design in 1996, and the following year began her focus on studio Fine Art with a concentration in Printmaking.  In the community of the liberal arts college, she developed the imagination, thought and skills required for achievements in the visual arts.  After earning her BFA in 2002, she moved to San Francisco where she resided for 8 years as a studio artist working with oil paint, intaglio etching and mixed-media installation.  in 2009, she attended the intensive Bikram Yoga training in Palm Desert, CA, and now lives and works in Pittsburgh teaching yoga, as she continues to paint using watercolor and mixed media.”

From Lora Finelli’s, “An Apple a Day”

    “I paint from life the foods in my fridge.

    Last fall, I began a series in which I paint and eat an apple a day.  This installation of sandwich bags and drawings contains and documents the apples I’ve consumed from September 2011 through May 2012.  The drawings are for sale.  Feel free to mix and match and enjoy!  The project isn’t finished.  I’m still eating apples, and I feel great!”

Lora assures us all of the apples have been organic!! We will have Lora’s apples and other watercolors on display and for sale starting June 8th.  Check out her work on flickr and etsy. And don’t forget to join us on June 16th for our Grand Opening Party. 


Summer Hair Tips

Wondering how to beat the heat and keep your hair looking fab?  Try this simple styling trick.  

When you find yourself at the end of a hot day wanting to hop back in the shower, try skipping the shampoo!  Just scrub your scalp with water to distribute your natural oils through your hair.  Always follow with conditioner on the mid-shaft and ends of your hair.  Before you hop out of the shower, give your hair a good ringing out—enough so that you don’t have to towel dry.  Allow your hair to remain quite damp and finger comb a frizz fighting product through your hair.  A great one for all hair types is Aveda’s Smooth Infusion Style Prep Smoother. Make sure you distribute the product evenly!  The final step is the easiest—hands off! Don’t touch your hair and let it air dry!  You’ll be cool and your hair with be refreshed and nourished!   

Small Business, Large Heart

I’ve only been a business owner for a few weeks now, but I already
have a healthy respect for the time and effort involved in running a
small business. It is, in fact, no small feat. Actually, I imagine it
is a bit like running a marathon. You are constantly in motion, though
you never seem to be getting along as fast as you would like. You are
surrounded by a throng of people who are mostly encouraging, but a few
who you suspect are trying to trip you. You keep wishing some friendly
stranger on the sidelines would toss you a Gatorade, or perhaps a
mixed drink, to keep you going. And you really just cannot seem to get
your head around business tax codes. Okay, so that last one doesn’t
really fit the metaphor, but darn those tax codes keep me up at night!

Armed with a very personal knowledge of the day to day struggle of
keeping a small business in motion, I cannot help but be amazed when a
business also manage to take the time to provide amazing customer
service. While working to set up our salon and spa, Emily and I have
had some really heart-warming encounters with other local business
owners. I usually refrain from sentimentalities, but the simplest way
to reward the good deeds of our fellow entrepreneurs must be to
trumpet their praises - and may additional business come their way.

And so, a resounding thanks to Jordan at Redesignation who just today
helped us to patch an antique leather chair. A salute to the strapping
men at Used Store Fixtures Inc, Floors 1 - 5, who patiently carried us
via freight elevator in search of reclaimed stainless steel. A nod to
Kevin at Kevin’s Computers who refurbished a PC for us to fit our
small start-up budget. A high-five to the lads at Laser Lab Studios
who spent an hour of their time brainstorming creative solutions for a
business sign. A pat on the back for the guy at Construction Junction
who voraciously protected a reclaimed wooden bench for us. Kind
regards to First Commonwealth Bank, where the office manager greets us
by name when we come in for parking quarters. A professional handshake
for our lawyer, Eric Davis of Elliott & Davis, and our accountant,
Wilke and Associates, for answering the tough questions. And a hug for
Wade Caruso of Wade Caruso Woodworking for helping us to turn so many
wild ramblings into amazing pieces of functional art.

I can only aspire to run Tula Organic Salon and Spa with as much grace
and helpful goodwill as the above individuals. You guys are the best.